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We get asked a lot of questions. Here's some FAQ's

We're designers. We build brands. We manage companies and they way they communicate to their target market. Branding, advertising campaigns, print, digital, photography, signage, we do it all. We also look after most of these processes internally, which means you're only dealing with us.

Yes. We create, write and book advertising in any media format.

Yes. We'll create, update or manage your existing corporate stationery including it's design and production. Letterheads, business cards, envelopes, with compliment slips, not forgetting corporate brochures and the management of the print production for all articles you require.

Yes. Just let us know what you need and when you need it.

We look after all kinds. These are the main areas. Product photography shot in studio. Food photography either in studio or on–site. Fashion photography either in studio or on location. And interior design and architectural photography. 

Yes. We can design and oversee every stage of the manufacturing process for your packaging.

We work to a brief that is taken in our initial first or second meeting. We interpret what you want and use our mind powers to give you exactly what you want. And yes, you are billed for the time spent on any/all projects.

No. We don't have access to the Google offices or the way their systems interpret the billions of snippets of data that are pushed through the interweb. We can make your web site 'Search Engine Friendly'. Anyone that tells you that they can make you number 1 is telling you porkies! 

There is not a universal password for everything related to the interweb. If you didn't write it down somewhere you should jump up and down on the spot while rubbing yourself on the tummy and tapping yourself on the head. Do this five times consecutively, this should reset your universal password.

We charge a minimum of $3,900.00ex GST to build a good quality digital platform. If you only spent $200.00 on a car, what kind of car do you think you would get?

If you left your house unattended for 6 years, chances are something or someone may have been able to gain access.

That is like saying you can un-squash the banana because you have a spoon.